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April 24, 2008


Randall Brown

Just found your site. Am working on a sermon on sacrifice and the morning altar as it applys to us today as contrasted to the literal, physical OT altar with a literal blood sacrifice. There are many parallels! Thanks for the great thought! Pastor Randall Brown, Ocala, Florida. Keep thinking, brother!


Best post yet...I've already shared it with some friends.

Dennis Erwin

Great thoughts Pace! I believe you’re on the same lines as Albert Borgmann and his idea of “device paradigm;” when a thing or a practice gets commodified because it is detached from its context of engagement. His critiques are usually aimed toward technology, but I don’t think it must be exclusively so. How much engagement did it take for an Old Testament sacrifice? As you pointed out, a high amount of work took place. A great critique of my own action; where worship has become something I show up for and not something I work toward. Amazingly, I have heard recommended a disengagement from sacrifice especially in regards to online tithing. A great convenience and tool (one I use myself), I have heard it said that with the added feature to automatically recur your gift, you can set the amount and ‘forget about it.’ Although costly in the sense of money; I wonder at the disparity between the sacrifice you describe and the availability of ‘forgetfulness’ through our convenience. Just thinking out loud with you. Great thoughts.

Anthony Coppedge

This is on-target, Pace. I love hearing your heart and thinking on the sacrifice of praise that we bring to God daily - not just on the weekend.




Hey Pace-

I'm a new subscriber. Totally love what you are saying here. We get worship wars at church because people care more about what it does for them then what they can offer to God. We have lost the sense of the OT sacrificial system, which can provide an example for how we should view worship today.

Good words.


I appreciate this today! Even us worship leader types get caught up in this type of thinking...well, I know I do anyways. Trying to craft such a smooth service so much that we end up getting rid of the sacrifice for the sake of the "streamline". Man, what a battle!

In general, I've lost sight of this type of thinking that David had: "I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God burnt offerings that cost me nothing" II Samuel 24:24

Again, thanks for the much needed wisdom!


Right on the money. Literally. But not exclusively. Well thought and said, Pace. Thank you.

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